About the Founders

Devyn Burton:

Devyn Burton is an online personality active in the young adult literary community.

Using the attention gained from his online projects, Devyn joined forces with YA bloggers Korianne Wey and Mitali Dave to create a one of a kind experience for fans of young adult literature. Teen Author Carnival was created by the trio to give readers a chance to connect with their favorite authors. The response from the literary community couldn’t have been any better with literary agents, marketing teams, best selling authors, debut authors in attendance as well as full support and donations from top publishing companies. The Teen Author Carnival is an annual event and will be entering it’s fourth year in 2012!
Devyn resides in Michigan and spends his time assisting authors with online marketing.

Mitali Dave:
Mitali Dave is a 21 year old junior in the Media, Culture and Communications  program at NYU. She grew up reading Enid Blyton, Road Dahl, Rudyard Kipling and the likes. Nancy Drew remained a constant favorite throughout her formative years.  As a dedicated follower and supporter of young adult fiction, Mitali has been able to transform her passion into a vocation. Mitali is very excited for the future of YA – which she thinks is looking brighter and brighter every day. She particularly loves contemporary and realistic YA, with some fantasy and paranormal thrown in. She’s an aspiring publicist.

Korianne Wey:

Korianne Wey is a 23 year old college student from St. Louis, Missouri studying to get her graphic arts degree. Korianne runs a book blog called Korianne Speaks and has also worked with Devyn and Five Awesome YA Fans in the past.

Her favourite authors include Siobhan Vivian, Sarah Ockler, Maureen Johnson and John Green. In her free time Korianne likes to sew, watch the television program Glee and eat cupcakes! In the future she hopes to work with a YA publishing house on cover layouts and publicity materials.